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  • Do I need a dance partner?  You don't need to come with a partner to start with, but I try and keep roughly even numbers in the class.

  • What to wear?  All you need is comfortable clothing, and shoes that will be supportive and allow for turns (smooth soles are better than a trainer).

  • What's the cost?  Most classes are £8 per person (note: some classes run as 4-week blocks)

  • I/my partner has no sense of rhythm/coordination!  Don't worry.  These aren't innate abilities, and will improve with practise.

  • Do I need to book, or just turn up?  You don't need to pre-book, but please contact me in advance.

  • What level is suitable for me? If you're unsure, get in contact to find out what's best.  I accomodate complete beginners as well as those with some experience.  There are options for practise/revision sessions as well as private lessons. 

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